The BBC, producer of the new Dracula series, launched a particularly original poster campaign at the start of the year in the United Kingdom to announce the arrival of the series on British screens …

To stand out, creatives must constantly redouble their ideas if they want their product to make an impression and make noise. BBC teams have understood this since the chain opted for two ingenious billboards in London and Birmingham to promote its new miniseries Dracula.

The concept ? Create an evolving surface on which passers-by catch a glimpse of the terrible tale from Transylvania after dark.

Piles and fangs

Everyone knows that vampires are not big fans of sunlight. In the middle of the day, all you will see on this poster is the name of the series, which is displayed in large red letters as well as sometimes bloody stakes placed side by side. At first glance, one might think that these weapons so popular with vampire hunters were placed at random …

An appearance when the sun goes down

However, after dark, a lighting system located on the edge of the panel
display reveals the silhouette of the famous Dracula! This giant shadow is of course created by the light of the spot passing through the piles.
An ingenious campaign that promises viewers to expect episodes that are as scary as they are innovative.


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