To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the famous French park has planned many novelties for the year 2019, including the launch of its last attraction, the 48th of the leisure park: “Attention Menhir!”. The latter consists of a 4D cinema with dynamic seats to follow the adventures of Asterix and Obelix. And to promote this activity, which will be inaugurated on April 6, Obelix was responsible for communication … which has a little slipped: indeed several menhirs found themselves projected in Paris, Nantes, Lille and Lyon. A key to all this, places for a stay in the park to win by posting the cliche of one of these blocks of stone.

A total immersion in the heart of the Gallic world

For this new year, the Asterix Park is a sight to behold with the construction of a third hotel, the extension of its opening hours for summer evenings … but especially the inauguration of its new entertainment”, an immersive multi-sensorial experience in 4D “: a film session that offers both sound and image but also sensations and smells!

So what better than an invasion of the world of Asterix and Obelix in full reality to sell the brand new attraction? The principle of this operation of communication is in total adequacy with the objective of the new spectacle – where Getafix receives precisely one of these famous menhirs on the head –  to live the adventure alongside the heroes of the comic strip. The goal for passers-by? Take a snapshot of one of these four stone blocks and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #Attentionmenhir. The winner, randomly selected from all photographers, will win a stay for four people in the famous park. The purpose of the operation: to mark the public and to involve them by offering them in reality all the symbolism of the fictitious world of the two Gauls in order to give them the desire to immerse themselves in it even more. Beyond the irruption of the menhirs, the strategy of the theme park is to play on the Latin names of the current cities -Lugdunum, Portus Namnetum, Lutetia and Lisle-or to mention Toutatis and Gaul, thus making us return to 50 BC.

A park that is growing but remains “French”

By landing in cities such as Lyon or Nantes, the communication is no longer focused only on the Ile de France and the Hauts de France as it was used to, As the director of Parc Astérix points out, it is now turning also towards the West and the South. In addition, the offer of a stay for four people confirms the direction taken in recent years, in other words, to focus more on families. Thus we can be sure that the winners will not hesitate to go to inaugurate this brand new attraction! The strategy also tends to use social networks like Instagram or Twitter, used daily by a large majority of new generations. A communication operation that shows the will of the park to be part of the national framework and develop while remaining authentic. Indeed, if the park has exceeded the 2 million mark in 2017, it is not comparable – and does not want to compare – to a structure like Disneyland. Nevertheless, if it wishes to increase its number of visitors as was the case in previous years, only one recipe for this: the opening of new attractions and more housing.

A new concept for the park, but which is reminiscent of the 4D movie theater Futuroscope, which we had among other things live the adventure of Arthur and the Minimoys. Asterix park therefore relies on its marketing operation, original and invested, to convince the public. A striking communication that manages to overcome its limited appearance in terms of cities and winners concerned, thanks to its wide dissemination through newspapers and social networks.

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