Just 100 years ago, Coca-Cola arrived in France … and in Europe! To celebrate this the brand offers a unique advertising campaign and for the first time, institutional campaign. In collaboration with the communication agency La Chose, Coca Cola presents us 4 posters but also a commercial full of emotions. This one, which came out on our television screens this Sunday, April 14th and will remain there until the middle of the summer, will also be broadcasted in cinemas and on social networks shortly.

A universal message of common history

For over a minute, the commercial offers us as a summary of all these years spent in France. There are filmed as well the great moments of the History of the country (the Liberation of Paris in 1944, May 68 …) that instants of the daily life where we can recognize each other. Every type of person appears there, men, women, heroes or strangers, young or old, from different professions and from different backgrounds. So we can not be mistaken, this video is for everyone and at the same time for each of us.

Indeed the repetition of “you who …” gives the little film an air of poem and to the one who looks at it the sensation of being the recipient of the advertisement. Thus, it concerns both the generations who have seen the brand established and those who still discover it today … Coca-Cola presents itself as “partner” of the great moments of life, bringing joy, emotion and conviviality. It is not only a retrospective offered by the brand through this video, but also the promise of an equally engaging future! This shows us the pride of Coca-Cola to be present alongside the French and allows somehow to thank them …

A value always put forward: the inclusion

The text sounds good, the background music gives us chills … we can not deny it, the video put on the emotion and easily pulls us a little nostalgic smile! And this is where the goal of the brand lies, namely to remind all the French of these moments and this story built together. The Atlanta giant puts this proximity – and even this complicity – with its customers with the slogan “100 years together”. He recalls that the consumer is an actor, not a spectator, of the evolution of the brand.

Indeed, once again, the brand of soft drink highlights his values. While presenting a France, Coca Cola takes the opportunity to point out that the brand manages to bring people together, even though they are not alike, with the simple phrase “For us, you have everything to do together “. It is therefore an integration that goes beyond differences and that concerns absolutely everyone!

A spot that focuses on human feelings to give us shivers and that draws a flattering portrait of France and the French, with their differences. The video recalls the centenary spent together building a unique relationship in the respect of sharing and living together that are the DNA of the brand. Coca-Cola therefore retains the same values ​​within this advertising campaign, which make its identity and success rather than daring to venture something unexpected.

The result? A video full of emotions that is pleasing to see but does not mark us out of the box and rebutted by the subsidiary. A rather logical choice, a video made to remind us what has been the essence of Coca-Cola for a century in France!

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