The video titled “Bounce”, released on June 27, 2019, announces a new and improved version of Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones, which can now be wirelessly charged and integrated into the Siri Virtual Assistant program.

Apple : the only limit is our imagination

The agency TBWA Media Arts has seen the big picture for this new advertising campaign and has focused on special effects to create excitement around the new AirPods, sold as a partner of extraordinary life. In this commercial, the world of the main character becomes brighter and more interesting thanks to its earphones, which show what a wireless life looks like: a life that would live like a trampoline, where the only limits are those of our imagination.

The Californian giant presents a man who retrieves his headphones being recharged on a base. After placing the AirPods in his ears, the character goes out into the street and begins to dance, jump and bounce effortlessly in the streets of the city. A good way for Apple to boost its message while proving that the AirPods do not leave the ear in case of sudden movements.

Defying gravity, the hero of the film, who is neither a dancer nor a gymnast, jumps and dances to the rhythm of his music, free of his movements, staged as the most natural possible.

A great advertising success

The two-minute advertisement was created by TBWA \ Media Arts Lab and the Ukrainian production company Radioactive Film, which has worked for the Lexus, Nike and Lenovo commercials. The shooting of the film took place partly in the studio and partly in the streets of Kiev.

Initially, the authors planned to create a colorful clip, but then decided to go black and white, realizing that such a context would create a stronger effect and more clearly indicate the inspiration of the hero of the video.

Shot in black and white and on Tessellated’s “I Learned Some Jazz Today”, the video, directed by Oscar Hudson, took 12 days of filming and more than 200 artists and technicians.

Put on line on the Youtube channel of Apple, the video was very quickly shared on the social networks, in particular on Facebook, generating more than 22 million seen in 10 days. A great advertising success that does not lack twists!

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