For more than 10 years, Allo Gard’Animal has allowed pet owners to keep their friends at home during their holidays. In an effort to modernize and improve the customer experience, Allo Gard’Animal called on the CWA communication agency for the complete overhaul of its website and the creation of its digital communication.

Allo Gard’Animal allows pet owners who wish to go on vacation but who can not bring them with them, to have them kept at home, by caring and passionate caretakers. For this, it is sufficient to place an announcement on the site by specifying their dates of absence and specifying the type and number of animals they have. For each stay, several guards apply. The owner is then free to accept or not the application to choose the “best” guardian for his animals. An exchange of good procedures between the owners who leave reassured and the lovers of our little friends who make their passion, a opportunity to travel, all year!

Facebook : n°1 support of the digital communication

In parallel with the redesign of the site, the CWA agency created a Facebook page and advertising campaigns to develop the reputation of the site. These campaigns are also intended to create a powerful community in a few weeks.

Today, Facebook has more than 2 billion worldwide users including 38 million in France. Facebook campaigns are therefore great ways to reach a target and select the profiles you want to create a real community around the brand. The main advantage of this communication is its price / quality ratio. Indeed, it makes it possible to quickly increase the visibility and the notoriety of the mark and remain visible as long as one wishes. All at unbeatable prices considering its efficiency !

For the founder of Allo Gard’Animal, Facebook advertising campaigns have been a real springboard. They have attracted new prospects and generated more traffic on their website, all in a very short time.

Facebook advertising campaigns are today THE # 1 support for digital communication. In few years the social network has become essential in any global communication strategy.

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