The new advertising campaign of the car rental “Avis” says: no beautiful cars staged in a beautiful landscape. To promote its new mobile application, Avis innovates with new hooks and visuals.

Avis Budget Group is one of the world’s leading car rental companies with more than 11,000 rental locations in nearly 180 countries. Customers can rent any type of vehicle, for any duration, for any use. After its success in the United States and Australia, Avis launches its app in Europe. This is now available in France at some airports.

An amazing and quirky advertising campaign

Avis wants to surprise us with its new campaign for the launch of its application. Result : humor, surprising images, amazing slogans and above all an ambitious and assumed choice: to communicate on cars without showing cars or speak directly in the catchphrase.

Avis App nouvelle campagne pour le lancement
On one of the visuals of the campaign, the caller questions: “Who likes to complicate life?”. Reply ? Obviously, nobody. This catch is accompanied by an illustration of a person using a toothpick to eat peas. Not practical, is it? Just as it is not practical to wait to recover a vehicle that has been rented.

“So why do car rental companies keep you waiting so long to get your car back?” can we also read. Because, of course, the main goal behind this amazing communication campaign is to stand out from the competition. And the least we can say is that it’s successful. Because a car rental company that does not put cars forward in its communication, it has the merit of being original.

Laurent Sculier, the President of Avis Budget Group, says, “This international campaign embodies the change in innovation we want to bring to our customers – it is resolutely modern and offbeat, to mark the evolution and proximity to the new needs of our users. ”

A sideways way to highlight the quality of its services

With this campaign, Avis seeks to highlight the quality of its services through humor. Thus, “Avis simplifies your life” becomes “Who likes to complicate life?” illustrated with a fun visual. The messages of this campaign fall into two themes: choice and speed, which are two qualities of service claimed by Avis.

The new application “Avis App” allows you to go directly to the car park and select the vehicle of your choice. The renter promises a simple and fast customer journey. It gives you the opportunity to change your rental at the last moment and even extend the duration easily via the application. You can locate your car, select the model of your choice and avoid queues … Everything is done to simplify your rental and meet your expectations and needs.

The red background, the color of the Avis logo, aims to convey the premium and timeless image of the brand. This original multichannel advertising campaign will be broadcast at train stations and airports in France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Germany from May to June 2019.

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