German brands are never stingy in commercials and regularly stage their direct competition through different fun videos and photos.

Remember when Mercedes-Benz released a small video for BMW’s 100th birthday? Mercedes-Benz pointed out that the company was already 130 years old, saying, “Thank you for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years have been a bit boring.

The brand war continues …

On May 22, BMW published a video on its YouTube channel that fans of small clashes between competing brands will appreciate.

Dieter Zetsche has been the CEO of the Daimler Group (Mercedes-Benz) for 13 years . The charismatic leader immediately joined the car manufacturer in Stuttgart in 1976 after graduating as an engineer. He is particularly known for his performance, when the image of the Mercedes brand was down because of the quality of its products and the dissatisfaction of its customers.

Dieter Zetsche retired in May of this year and gave up his place to Sweden’s Ola Källenius. On this occasion, BMW has imagined the first day of his retirement, by publishing a small video full of good emotions.

But that’s not all …

Qui aime bien châtie bien

Pretending to play on the emotions and the humanization of Mercedes, they show the CEO of Mercedes-Benz (a good look-alike) leaving his garage with a BMW i8 Roadster, after saying goodbye to his teams: He is finally free! BMW also shared this video on Facebook with a title : “Retirement is when you can finally be yourself …”.

Yes, all means are good in war and in love! And we particularly appreciate the audacity of BMW who does not hesitate to take risks on this advertising reserved for social networks.

Published on the YouTube channel, the video has quickly benefited an impressive virality in all over the world.

The commercial ends with a message addressed directly to Zetsche: “Thank you Dieter Zetsche , for so many years of inspiring rivalry, ” and shows once again that the giant of cars has a heart.

BMW, still at the heart of the war: Audi and BMW engage in a small fight on Twitter – Ad Wars Are Back

Audi is not at his first attempt in the provocation of his favorite competitors. Already in August 2018, Audi and BMW USA have engaged in a small Twitter fight. Serious and friendly, an animated conversation focused on Twitter between the two brands, creating the show for fans of BMW and Audi.

BMW tweeted a photo of their sports car – the F82 M4. Except that, the observers did not miss this publication and even the answer of Audi did not delay ….

Audi has retweeted BMW’s message with an interesting title: “When you see it …”: indicating the ring formations behind the car that resemble Audi’s four-ring logo. This publication generated a lot of comments because everyone was waiting for the answer.

On the same day, BMW responded to Audi’s message by saying, “We see it, as usual … in our rearview mirror” – a relevant answer, to be honest. After seeing this, many comments, memes, actions and tags from BMW and Audi fans followed the conversation.

Following the advertising war of the automobile giants is one of the favorite activities of Internet users in demand for spontaneity. However, everyone still has a small preference for one of the challengers. Good news ! If there is always one to win the battle, the war is far from over. But the stakes are high: who will blow his opponent without risking a confusing setback?

And you, what is your favorite “advertising war”?



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