Water, climate, biodiversity … Our modes of production and consumption are harmful to the environment. However, pollution is not inevitable, solutions exist … One of these solutions is to sort the garbage … 80% of the material that is now in a landfill or in our oceans could have had a new life, if it had been separated properly at first.

Industries naturally have a great responsibility in the manufacturing process of their products, and brands a real challenge of image. Many of them adopt so-called “green” strategies to preserve the environment and become socially responsible, as we saw recently with the Corona brand, which launched a new can on last month, to eliminate plastic waste.

Besides, she is not alone in this fight ! The giant of soft drinks Coca-Cola is also committed, including through interactive street-marketing operations to engage its consumers and push them to act.

Coca-Cola : creativity VS sustainable development

Coca-Cola, like many multinational companies, is investing in plastic collection and recycling facilities to produce 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. Consumers are also ready to join the development movement sustainable.

Consumption studies have shown that separate collection increased by 141% thanks to the easy search of suitable containers. As a result, Coca-Cola and Publicis Italia launched a series of billboards in specific locations, designed to inspire and mobilize citizens to join the sustainable development movement. People are already ready to recycle: they just need a little help to make a daily reflex.

The dynamic ribbon of the brand becomes functional

Coca Cola, in partnership with creative agency Publics Italia, has transformed traditional billboards into sleek, yet iconic panels, pointing to the nearest trash cans, which in this way are easy to find and therefore easy to use.

In order not to overload the city with additional advertising material, the designers carefully chose the location of the advertisement, depending on the existing bins or the potential for installation. The campaign takes place in Central and Eastern Europe, and was launched during the Happy Energy Tour, which takes place in the main cities of Bulgaria since 27 May 2019.

For the ninth year in a row, the tour brings together thousands of people who want to see and hear their idols. The Happy Energy Tour attracted more than 200,000 people last year, making it the biggest event in terms of visibility.

This year, the first results show that the 85% of cans were collected separately … a rate well above that of the previous year. A promising and encouraging result … But especially a great opportunity for the brand to be well seen !!!!

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