Coca-Cola Light Taste arrived in France in 1988. The French discover for the first time a bubbly drink without sugars and without calories. 30 years later, the brand continues to assert a modern and lightweight mindset. After having reworked its light range abroad, Coca-Cola launches in 2019 two new flavors on the French market, accompanied by a new unpublished packaging.

After the unexpected release of a coffee limited edition late 2017, the brand continues to surprise consumers. In 2018, Coca-Cola Light decided to renew itself in North America by proposing a new packaging as well as 4 new flavors (ginger lime, mango, blood orange and cherry). And this change is now taking place in France.

A new packaging for lightness

Coca-Cola Light Taste changes its appearance to assert its light and sparkling state of mind. Indeed, in the dynamics of the change already operated abroad, the silver can extends and becomes slim. This new slim can 25cl comes with creative pop graphics. Fine red bubbles highlight the iconic round and red Coca-Cola logo. This packaging, available from April 2019, highlights the subtlety, freshness and lightness that characterize the range. The brand also wants to promote this state of mind in campaigns inviting the French to take life with lightness and spontaneity. Coca-Cola Light Taste is modernizing to reach its target of 25-39 years constantly waiting for new products.

Two new flavors for modernity

As the market for non-alcoholic beverages is very competitive, Coca-Cola relies on novelty and choice to differentiate itself. Thus, to reach a female target, the brand brings a new breath to its range with two fruity flavors: Exotic Mango (exotic mango) and Ginger Lime (ginger lime). These new fragrances, available in France from June 2019, are already acclaimed by other European countries. In Great Britain, 1 out of 2 consumers has become so thanks to the new flavors launched. In terms of packaging, the bubbles will be declined in orange for the Exotic Mango flavor and in green for the Ginger Lime flavor. It remains to be seen if these new flavors will experience the same success in France as abroad.

coca-cola light ginger lime


coca-cola light exotic mango


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