The question of the use of plastic is one of the greatest challenges of our society today. It is estimated that by 2050, if we do not change the way we consume, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. An alarming finding that no one can ignore nowadays … and especially not the brands, whose mode of production and distribution is more and more polluant. But many of them see it as an opportunity to commit, like AB-InBev (the brand CORONA), which launched from June 20 for Corona Extra beer, a new packaging to get rid of external plastic packaging.

Corona Fit Pack, innovation against plastic

In many parts of the world, when you buy a pack of six beers, they are held together by plastic rings. A type of packaging that ultimately proves to be useless since it is discarded quickly, without bringing added value to consumers.

In recent years, various brewing companies have proposed alternative solutions to replace plastic packaging, ranging from edible and compostable to reusable adhesives.

Last year, Corona had already proposed a packaging system without plastic but which remained unsatisfactory from the moment it was not fully recyclable. The brand had decided to remove this additional packaging and continued its research to give birth to the Corona Fit Pack: a special container that can be “screwed” with another. Watch the video to learn more.

An open source innovation !

The concept of plastic-free packaging, named Fit Pack, was featured this year in the “Innovations” category of the Cannes International Lions Festival.

Good news ! Corona plans to make this innovation “open source”. This means that any beverage industry will be able to use this new type of can.

If changing packaging in large industries is often a very expensive affair, let us hope that manufacturers can adopt this innovation quickly !

Excellent work Corona !


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