Lacoste launches its new Crocodile Inside campaign: a short film and a series of 3 prints signed with the phrase “Life is a beautiful sport”. At the heart of this campaign imagined by BETC Paris, a moving advertising film that signs a beautiful metaphor for love and its flaws.

A commercial worthy of a feature film

Just like his last two opuses, The Big Leap and Timeless, Lacoste amazes us once again with his new commercial Crocodile Inside. This movie-level video has required a special effects work done by Megaforce. Megaforce are four young French directors recognized internationally for the creativity of their clips and their commercials. Some of their campaigns are multi-print.

After Timeless celebrating the timelessness of the Lacoste polo shirt with the epic of a couple through the decades, we can see Lacoste’s desire to return to something more anchored in everyday life, closer to real life. After having stood the test of time, Lacoste elegance is here to the test of life. A young couple – interpreted by Oulaya Amamra (Divines, 2016) and Kevin Azaïs (The combatants, 2014) – seems to love each other.

The film depicts the events that a couple has to overcome in order to survive. Love is no longer idealized or dreamed. The couple is torn, the word too much is pronounced, the break seems close. A metaphorical flaw is created. Realizing that they have gone too far and deciding to return to each other, they manage to find each other. The spectacular sets follow one another to illustrate this desire to fight against the renunciation of the other.

With this campaign, the crocodile brand reaffirms its French identity. To embody the couple, Lacoste chose French film figures. For music, the Hymn to Love is a radical choice for an international campaign. Edith Piaf sang this song in English but Lacoste chose to keep the French version in all countries.

The gap between this argument scene and the declaration of love sung by Edith Piaf reinforces the intensity and the emotion. Impressive special effects, a breathtaking acting game and the Hymn to Love … this commercial is all about a great movie.

The Lacoste mindset also translates into a poster campaign

On the prints it is always a question of facing the trials of life, but it is no longer just a question of love. The poster campaign shows us in another way that life is a beautiful sport . This campaign sublimates the core values ​​of the brand: tenacity, freedom of spirit and movement, creativity. Staying stylish in any circumstance, even in adversity, is the challenge that the brand has chosen to highlight. Lacoste elegance goes beyond the purely stylistic dimension, it is a point of view on life.

Personalities with varied backgrounds embody these Lacoste values. To illustrate this state of mind, Lacoste reveals three prints images shot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch. Three silhouettes evolve against the wind and fight with elegance despite the difficulty. Like the ambassador of the brand, Novak Djokovic, who embodies this message more than ever: after experiencing the most difficult sporting period of his career following an injury that forced him to leave the tennis courts for several months, he managed to find the first place in the world. (Novak Djokovic wears Asics shoes on the picture because he is under contract with the brand for this segment.)

Lacoste Crocodile Inside Life is a beautiful sport

Another beautiful Lacoste campaign. The brand manages to prove to the consumer that life is a real sport, beautiful and intense. This campaign gives a realistic picture of the vision on life. Life can be as beautiful and intense as sport. The whole thing is to face it with elegance. Deployed worldwide, the campaign is visible since May 19 in television, digital media and display.

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