Lion cereals play the parody card and launch the first fragrance inspired by breakfast cereals…

An innovative and unexpected fragrance

On January 27, Lion cereals announced the launch of the Eau de Lion perfume, a fragrance inspired by caramel and chocolate notes that make millions of gourmands roar with pleasure every morning.
A launch which is accompanied by a communication campaign with a deliberately humorous and totally offbeat tone. The latter parodically appropriates the codes of perfume advertising for men. Power and wild spirit of Lion cereals are here transposed to the Eau de lion fragrance in a 15-second film designed and produced by the London agency Mother:

This creation is the culmination of several months of development alongside a perfume designer. She therefore used the latest innovations in perfumery to obtain a perfume that could be worn while evoking the smell of the famous breakfast.
“We are always looking for new ways to innovate to entertain and make an impression on our young adult audience when we speak. What better way to prove it than by bottling the best olfactory notes from their favorite breakfast with Lion cereals, in a campaign with a deliberately offbeat and humorous tone. With a Lion Water pschitt, Lion fans can now adopt Lion Style as soon as they wake up! Our fans should roar with pleasure at the discovery of this unique perfume ”, explains Marc Sanchez, Senior Brand Manager at Nestlé Céréales.

Bring out the Lion that is in you!

The new fragrance is a limited edition, with 300 bottles to be won. It is not available for sale. The only way to get it is to participate in the game available online at You have until February 28 included to try your luck!


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