You are an occasional trainer and want to “ensure” your training? You are an experienced trainer, but you care to innovate in your practices? Étienne Magnin presents us an indispensable book for trainers today who require the integration of neuroscience and the latest technologies in his work.

Get to know the brain better in order to teach better

In recent years the arrival of two new players (neuroscience and digital tools) has greatly enriched the training. The contribution of neuroscience to learning is very important. This discipline allows us to better understand the mechanisms of our brain and the way we process information.

One of the main challenges in the field of neuropedagogy is to translate neuroscience results into practical tools that trainers can use in their daily work.

Learning is both stressful and tiring, so it is important for a trainer to understand the learning process (our brain loves emotions). Unpleasant sensations, but also pleasure, accompany the brain and encourages us to continue (or not).

As for the digital, it encourages sharing, interactivity and brings many fun aspects essential to good training.

So it is important to find a simple, pragmatic and modern method to ensure by animating!

A « MUST » for trainers

While the facilitator is the mediator between the learner and the knowledge, he needs the tools that open up relevant perspectives to renew animation and learning.

Étienne Magnin, agronomist, graduated from the training institute for business animators and consultants, is also an expert in documentary design and educational engineering. She supports professionals in written and visual communication techniques.

Her book, “Designing a Training Course”, gives trainers something to innovate and thus enrich their practices. Only at 23 € you can give a new look and a new breath to your teaching.

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