Gillette is, for more than 115 years, the world leader in male care. The brand confirms its positioning based on the notions of technology and performance. Every year for the brand, Father’s Day is the key event during which she assumes her status as an innovator.

On Father’s Day, Gillette launches the “Merci Papa” limited edition box, inside which dads will discover a razor, a base and a Mach 3 blade refill.

Coffret Gillette Merci Papa
Objective: to make the razor a real object of decoration that is no longer hidden in a bathroom drawer. And for good reason, Gillette presents a great box combining design, utility and performance, the main values ​​of its positioning. This product with minimalist and masculine lines is the image of high-end care products while being accessible since the box is 25 €.

The launch of this box is part of Gillette’s global strategy. Indeed, one of the strong points of the brand is to focus its marketing on consumers and their needs by answering in advance with a great product! With this box, Gillette does not claim that 3 blades are not enough to shave, it only shows that 3 blades will be more comfortable for men and their feelings of discomfort.

A marketing strategy to stand out from competitors

For several years, sales of razors have dropped. Why ? The changes in shaving habits and the fashion of the beard that have made more and more French abandon the razors.

However, in its sector, Gillette remains leader in France. A place the brand intends to keep … Each year, it strives to multiply offers to adapt to consumer expectations. And Father’s Day is a major commercial highlight to boost sales!

Boxing shaves for Father’s Day, competitors Gillette have already proposed, like Bic who launched in 2018 Shave Box for the occasion. But beyond a product, what Gillette seeks to sell is above all a story and an experience to live through storytelling. If this box may seem at first basic by its content, it stands out by the story conveyed around. Gillette tells us the relationship between a father and his child, giving the child the opportunity to say “thank you” with this box.

Last year already, Gillette realized a partnership with Antoine Griezmann who told on social networks the memories of his first shaving experiments, coached by his father.

A gift not just for dads

For this operation, Gillette will donate a percentage to the association SOS Children’s Village, a partner of P&G France since 2014. In the end, Gillette wants to help several families and support, at its level, those who do not have the chance to celebrate Father’s Day with dignity.

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