In June 2018, was launched the 2nd season of the FantaXyou adventure at the heart of which takes place the Fanta Flavor Battle: during a month, a goal for each participating team is to elect its flavor Fanta for the year 2019 through a humorous post on the networks. In total, 5 teams competed in a taste battle after which a mango / dragon fruit flavor won, which is available from this month of April, in supermarkets.

The return of FantaXyou

For this 2nd edition of FantaXyou, 20 amateur comedians, distinguished by a funny and personal video, were selected from nearly 6,600 participants to shoot their final film in the Fanta Creative House. Each team was then coached by a Net personality with the reward of the opportunity to make the next pub Fanta.

On top of that, the game offers another aspect: the Fanta Flavor Battle. Each “team” offers a flavor, from the most basic (grapes or fruits of the woods) to the most elaborate (as shokata: lemon / elderflower or mezzo mix: coca / orange). The members of each team aim to post humorous content on Instagram to get the support of as many fans as possible in the deciding vote.

Finally it is the taste mango / fruit of the dragon who won with the winner, the Amixem team, supported by no less than 66 000 fans on social networks.

By teens, for teens

Once again, Fanta’s favored target turns out to be the teenagers. This is not a surprise for the brandthat the main consumers are the young people between 12 and 24 years. While Fanta ranks 10th in the global non-alcoholic beverage market, it ranks first when it comes to teenagers’ preferences for soft drinks. The brand of drink is therefore not out of his comfort zone through this communication operation.

However, it has just bet by increasing the investment of young people in the creation and the choice of a new flavor in their range which already includes 70! The brand also insists on these terms “make their choice, the perfume”. By having them take part in the process, the brand reveals their creativity and dynamism through their posts, values ​​often highlighted as the founders of the brand’s identity.

The partnership with Youtube stars very popular millennials as Amixem but also Natoo or McFly and Carlito, is part of this logic of a young and offbeat communication that the brand maintains. Finally, the subsidiary chooses a typical and well-known youth broadcasting ground to talk about, social networks, and this is not a first for the company whose Facebook page exceeds 14 million fans. The soft drinks market continues to be very competitive; by creating a new flavor, the brand emphasizes the importance of fruit value. Like the flavor of the drink, it offers for this new can a colorful design, lively and full of pep’s which aims once again to seduce the adolescent public.

A marketing campaign faithful to the values ​​of the brand that reuses a recipe that works, resuming the success of the first edition of FantaXyou. According to the brand manager, this had led to a significant growth in sales for the year 2017. One more flavor that is added to the wide panel of Fanta – long emancipated from the simple “drink to orange “- but which is distinguished by the investment of consumers in its choice and therefore by the attachment they carry. This is why the subsidiary is launching a third edition of the contest, this time with the key to the winners, a contract at Webedia and a nice check. But on the side of Internet users, it comes out a completely different impression, if we believe the comments YouTube that almost systematically criticize the aspect “reality TV” videos within the Fanta Creative House.

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