On September 1, Groupama, one of the leading mutual insurance groups in France, in partnership with the agency Marcel launched a new campaign, called The First Harvest.

Being there for others, this is a job

Through this commercial, Niclas Larsson, the young Swedish producer, shows the daily support of Groupama ! Justness and emotion … that’s what makes the difference ! It is not a coincidence, it is a choice to integrate a community that shares human values ​​of solidarity and mutual aid.

As defines the mission of Groupama “We are here to allow as many people as we can to build their lives in confidence”. Whatever the job, everyone agrees to support the 4 million members in France in all life circumstances. Sylvain Burel, Director of Communication Groupama, explains that with this new speech, he wanted to “highlight what is the essence of our group, our mission, taking a differentiating to illustrate the trust that exists between us and our members through the commitment of one of our advisers “.

Youri Guerassimov and Gaëtan du Peloux, directors of Creation Marcel continue to say that they are “very proud of the work they have done, and for us it perfectly captures the mutualism and the other spirits of brand. this is a touching and unfiltered film as we love “.

The story of the vocation

As we see in this commercial, the young boy, who accompanies his father from a very young age, followed the path of his life and the problems they were able to overcome through the daily support of their insurer Groupama. A few years later, he decided to pursue his vocation, not to be a winemaker like his father, but to help others by becoming a Groupama advisor.The brand film is broadcast on TF1 and M6, as well as on social networks of Groupama. In 2 days the video has more than 6000 views on Youtube and more than 200 reactions on Facebook.

A very beautiful movie with magnificent lessons, is not it?

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