Hippopotamus advertising on TV? You did not believe it anymore? And yet the famous brand of meat-based restoration returns to your screens after 20 years of absence! The brand wanted to hit hard by signing an advertising campaign of 6 video spots, all orchestrated by the famous Parisian agency Buzzman. The motivation of these … to assume his love of the meat and to make the consumers feel guilty. A campaign, humorous and daring, but that reuses the vegetarian shots with a sometimes humoristique tone …

The meat specialiste

The brand “specialist beef and grilled meat since 1968” is indeed a great success in France with its 130 restaurants and its permanent opening. It cultivates its talent in the field of beef, offering its customers pieces of character, quality and taste! It also seeks to present itself as an intergenerational sign in a warm and welcoming environment. And it is these two aspects – goodness and authenticity – that it highlights with its brand new spots.

Broadcast on big-audience channels such as TF1, M6 and TNT channels, they target a wide audience ranging from twenties to fifties. At the same time, they will be accompanied by a VOL Mobile and Social Media component to reach and interest a younger target. This humorous and offbeat campaign illustrates the renewal of the brand, initiated in June 2017 with the acquisition of the Flo group by the Bertrand Group. The purpose of this operation? An overhaul of the identity of the brand with as a guideline the model of the Steak House in the French. At the heart of this restructuring: a new, more modern visual identity, a cuisine embers and especially the will to go further in the know-how and research quality. What anchor the loyalty of its current customers by renewing the image of the brand, but also attract new consumers.

Humor or parody ?

Through these short commercials, the brand targets the meat lovers and the goal is clear: to make them feel guilty about their consumption. All spots are designed on the same pattern: inflamed opening and overflight over generous portions of juicy and appetizing meats. Then we are shown a close-up mouth, savoring his share of meat with greed. As for the final scene, according to the videos, we can see a family, a couple or a group of friends enjoying the same meat but, of course all are happy and accomplices! A promise of delicious tasting, all in an intergenerational and friendly atmosphere: everyone is there. The mission? Pass an impacting message in a very short time. Successful challenge: everything is said in 15 seconds … an advertisement that makes you want to eat a good piece of meat!

But it’s not counting the voice in the background, which brings the humorous side … but also the appearance a little mocking! Encouraging the consumption of meat to indulge his followers yes, but at the same time cry out against veggies trends, yet very present today …? While we talk about reducing our consumption of meat and denouncing the bad treatment of animals for our good pleasure, the desire for guilt is certainly well found.

The brand offers us a discourse that detonates, but seems a little “tragedy” to vegetarian products such as quinoa or goji berries by mocking, with a falsely innocent voice, this type of diet. The final slogan “Nothing replaces the taste of good meat” also makes us think of the emergence of vegetarian products to replace meat such as soya steaks or “fake fat”. It recalls the irreplaceable taste of meat, even by substitutes. According to the advertisement, it is simply a matter of man’s nature to consume meat: “to eat seeds is good … when you are born with a beak and feathers”.

An advertising campaign that allows the brand to reaffirm itself on screen and refound its identity of Steak House in the French. And for this, the famous Buzzman agency, recognized as one of the most creative in Europe, does not hesitate once again to push the boundaries of traditional advertising. Spotlights that are made with humor and rely on the love of meat, counteracting the usual guilt about his overconsumption. A provocation -voluntary and assumed certainly – but that can leave an impression of heaviness in some … The others, on the contrary, will prefer to laugh, congratulating the daring of the advertising which brings to light what many of us think without daring to say it!

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