On March 26th, the Ministry of Health presented us via its agency “Santé Publique France”, its new information and awareness campaign on the ravages of alcohol entitled “Alcohol and landmark”. The objective is to make the French, the 8th largest consumers of alcohol in the world, aware of the risks to their health from overconsumption of alcohol and to inform them of the new consumption benchmarks set by the Ministry.

Risks that are often overlooked and minimized

41000 is the alarming number of deaths caused each year by alcohol and 9 million, the number of French who drink regularly, and 5 million – every day. However, many people are unaware of the various risks they face with excessive consumption of alcohol and the new consumption benchmarks.

Europe 1 asked some consumers, here are their answers:   “I do not think that it’s bad”, ” I know it’s pretty much recommended to drink a glass of red wine a day”, ” I do not think it’s bad because it seems that even in the retirement homes, the drinkers are given a glass of wine a day or a glass of champagne because it seems that it is good for health” or ” it is two or three glasses for men I believe, and for women it’s less”.

Today, new benchmarks equate to no more than 10 drinks a week and no more than 2 drinks a day for men and women, and days in the week without consumption. Despite these new figures, studies have shown that 25% of French people have a higher consumption than either of these benchmarks (1 in 3 men and 1 in 7 women).

A campaign that invites French people to evaluate their alcohol consumption and reduce it

“Our goal is to enable the French to make the informed choice of a consumption that is less risky for their health. Without denying the dimension “pleasure” that can be associated with the consumption of alcohol, it requires to know the risks associated with alcohol, to disseminate to all the new consumption benchmarks and to invite the French to reflect on their consumption”, explains François Bourdillon, Director General of Public Health France.

Directed by DDB Paris, this campaign reveals ordinary everyday scenes of French where we see friends at the exit of a bar, a man driving his car or a young woman who wakes alone in his bed … And no one is drunk “Because there is no need to get there for the alcohol to make havoc”.

With this new campaign, the Ministry hopes to make the French understand that too much alcohol consumption can be very dangerous for health and cause many pathologies. Indeed, it is not simply the cause of car accidents, partial memory loss or fights as many imagine, but can cause serious diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension or even cancers. We hear the voiceover in advertising say: “This is an advertisement against the ravages of alcohol. Beyond two glasses a day, you increase your risk of cerebral hemorrhage, cancer and hypertension. The film concludes on the new benchmarks of consumption with less risk: “Maximum 2 glasses a day and not every day”.

Despite a strong campaign that will hopefully mark the spirits, one wonders however if it will allow a real awareness and a real change in the way of consuming. More regular campaigns from the Ministry of Health could be a solution to continuously impact consumers.

The spot is broadcast until April 14 on national and overseas channels, on online video platforms and on social networks. Device supplemented by radio columns, editorials, a digital campaign and the distribution of videos in the waiting rooms of hospitals or nursing homes.

To evaluate your weekly alcohol consumption with regard to the new benchmarks, go to https://alcoometre.fr/

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