The 2019 Women’s World Cup begins today! As we look forward to the blues’ win, NIKE is unveiling its new Dream Further campaign.

Nike’s commitment to improve the visibility of women’s football

Women’s football has yet to prove itself to become more democratic. It becomes a major challenge for major brands that embrace the subject to engage, especially with younger generations. After inaugurating the first girls’ masterclasses this year, NIKE offers meetings and events to raise awareness among the general public.

An exclusive meeting titled “DO NOT CHANGE YOUR DREAM. CHANGE THE WORLD ” took place in May 2019 in Milan. NIKE brought together several Italian women’s football stars, including 2006 world champion Gianluca Zambrotta. A unique opportunity for exchange where these personalities were able to talk about their lives and their gaming experiences, difficulties and obstacles encountered, but also the constant support received by (real) fans of the ball.

A meeting has the form of an event when we know that only ten years ago, playing football in Italy was a utopia for a girl. To this day, even if these players are part of the national team and play in the best Italian clubs, in the eyes of the law – and tax authorities – they are not considered professional athletes.

Through the exchanges, the players also had the opportunity to mention the role that they consider to play ont future of players, which consists in: “Create dreams for those who follow you and take you for model“, said Gianluca Zambrotta. A message perfectly in agreement with NIKE who has also made it the slogan of his campaign.

A message full of hope

The Women’s World Cup is an opportunity for NIKE to inspire young generation of girls to assume and fulfill their dream and become players of football … or professional coach, and is positioned as a precursor by imagining the FC Barcelona coached one day by a woman (and why not?).

In the 3-minute video (long version), Malena Cooke, a 10-year-old Californian footballer, follows several female stars: on the field as a player, on the other side of the white line as a professional coach, in the cloakrooms and during a photo shoot. A frantic race leading directly to her dream … The campaign ends (again) with a slogan: “Do not change your dream. Change the world.

This short film, published on June 1, 2019 on social networks, marks the next chapter of the iconic series “Just Do It” Nike, initiated by the sports giant there are already 30 years. Memorable campaigns, including “Dream Crazy” with Colin Kaepernick, “Dream Crazier” recounted by tennis star Serena Williams, and “Dream With Us” highlighting the US National Women’s Football Team .

The first football jersey exclusively designed for girls

And the mark does not stop there. To convey its message and fulfill its commitment to women’s football, NIKE has created the first football jersey exclusively designed for girls, “Dream Further”, a limited edition product, worn here by a young footballer.

On this new shirt, custom patches illustrate unity and confidence, reflecting the power of the team. The slogan: “Do not change your dream. Change the world. Just do it” is printed inside the jersey to encourage girls.

Through these various communications operations, NIKE, the most represented equipment supplier at the 2019 Women’s World Cup (a total of 14 teams out of 24), strikes hard by clearly displaying a bold goal: to inspire younger generation of girls to follow their dreams.

What do you think of this NIKE commercial for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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