In 1933 Bienaimé Jourdain and Albert Jugon, created a lottery game to help the wounded of the 1st World War. The story continues thanks to the 25 million people who still live this original idea.

The FDJ is the second lottery in Europe and the fourth in the world. It has collected 15.8 billion euros of bets (15% digitized) distributed 10.7 billion euros to its players, contributed 3.5 billion euros to public finances and remunerated its network of retailers up to 800 million euros.

Even today, some of the bets collected by lottery games and scratch tickets are redistributed in favor of social and societal projects.

In partnership with Havas Paris, the FDJ traces its story in a commercial called “Origins”. This commercial will be broadcast from August 18 to September 8, 2019 on television and to recall the circumstances of the creation of FDJ and illustrate its current contributions throughout France.


A campaign shot in Paris between yesterday and today

Produced in the streets of Paris, the 45-second commercial shows the values ​​of FDJ, which remains faithful to its “origins” and its raison d’être. Antoine Bardou Jacquet, director of the film “Origines” evoked the long history of FDJ which began in 1933.

In this commercial we follow Albert and Bienaimé in the streets of Paris in the 30s, and a young couple in 2019. The first are imagining the national lottery, when the second discover that it’s been more than 85 years that it tough.


This is the first institutional campaign of the Foundation. It brings together past and present and will be accompanied by a campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social networks to show how FDJ games have benefited everyone since 1933.

As examples:

  • La Mission Patrimoine, launched in 2018 with Stéphane Bern and the Heritage Foundation, which works to restore hundreds of monuments in France.
  • Le sport, with the National Sports Agency, which FDJ is the first contributor, and which has allowed the construction of an intercommunal aquatic center in Libourne in New Aquitaine.
  • Equality of opportunity supported by the FDJ Foundation, which is committed, in particular, to the job – creation project in Rochefort, in the Bourgogne – Franche Comté region.

The FDJ has always been a company close to the French

“For our first institutional campaign, we wanted to discover the general public, who knows us first and foremost through our lottery games, the company FDJ. Entirely conceived, produced and shot in France, this film shows how FDJ remained faithful to the “raison d’être” of its origins and to its founding values ​​of solidarity and proximity, while being able to adapt to changes in society over the decades. “Emphasizes Raphaële Rabatel, director of communication and sustainable development of the FDJ group.

Through this commercial, the FDJ strikes hard by clearly displaying a bold goal: transfer its values, remind the public of its social role and the fundamental nature of its mission in the service of the national interest!



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