Reblochon, a cheese to enjoy all year long? In any case, this is what the Reblochon Interprofessional Union (SIR) seeks to claim! Since April 22, the SIR has launched a massive communication campaign to reshape and modernize the image of the famous cheese, targeting this time a younger audience. And to do this, the company intends to develop not only with a TV campaign but also through its presence on social networks!

Two goals for the year 2019

The Reblochon Interprofessional Union what is it exactly? It is the meeting point for all the actors involved in the creation and sale of Reblochon? It brings together milk producers, cheese producers, farmers who produce it and finally shipper refiners who market it.

For this year 2019, the SIR collaborates again with the communication agency Big Success to set up a massive digital advertising campaign. The objective remains the same as 3 years ago, that is to remove the seasonallity of the reblochon. Indeed, this cheese – often associated with tartiflette- suffers from its winter connotation. That’s why its representatives seek to change this vision by proposing an image of reblochon produced all year long to be tasted in any season! Added to this is a new orientation: a younger target through this communication campaign, to expand its panel of consumers.

An intense digital campaign

The advertising campaign is divided into three areas: the choice of a new ambassador, but also the establishment of a television campaign and an engaging animation on the networks. At the end of February, the union had published an offer to recruit an ambassador, who would then become the face of the association. The wanted person had to meet some criteria (to be comfortable in front of a camera, to appreciate the product …), his main mission being to animate the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

The goal? Make discover all the steps of cheese making and report the know-how of the professionals by meeting them and by questioning them. Through various photos and videos, the ambition is to enhance the reputation of this cheese by reaching a younger target, indeed very fond of social networks. So Marion, a 29-year-old Parisian, was elected as the new icon for a period of 3 years.

The latter left the capital to settle in Haute-Savoie, recognized as Reblochon country. The choice of the ambassador can not be mistaken: it reflects the objectives of the SIR! Marion is in the middle of the 25-35 age group that she targets; moreover, coming from Paris, it does not limit the taste for this cheese to the inhabitants of the region! As for its TV campaign – which will last until the end of the summer – the SIR has no hesitation in investing – the budget exceeding one million euros! The campaign imposes himself with a clear and simple slogan “My Reblochon, I love him in every season” reflecting the objectives of the communication operation. As for his campaign on the web, the message is similar to that of television spots: “(re) discover the Reblochon all year long”.

This campaign, enjoying a large budget, is therefore likely to reach a wide audience, including relying heavily on the use of social networks and a young face to represent the Interprofessional Trade Union Reblochon. Through simple messages, the advertisements propose and encourage the consumption of reblochon throughout the year. Counting on the effectiveness of its communication, the SIR ensures that it achieves its ambitions and allows itself to add a touch of natural liveliness with its Internet content that is attractive and informative. By completely renewing its image in the eyes of consumers, it presents the Reblochon as a must no matter what our age, our provenance or the climate!

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