“Taming your stress to communicate better” is the whole purpose of Céline Blondel’s new book. In this new book, the consultant-trainer in interpersonal communication explains where the different sources of stress come from, before taking a closer look at relationship stress and giving us tools to combat it.

Learn to manage your stress

For every human being, life is made up of movements, destabilization or permanent rebalancing … And some react to it more or less well, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence, in the other, poor listening, fears … For d others can, on the contrary, motivate them, make them more efficient, creative, and bring them beautiful moments of emotion.
This instability between calm and disturbance is commonly called stress.
But do we know what it is exactly? What is its mechanism? How to recognize the warning signs? How can we tame it to reduce its effects, or even avoid them? What are our own stressors? …
In interpersonal relationships, the most frequent sources of stress are related to the difficulty of welcoming our differences, our divergences, our opinions … This book invites you on a journey along which you can appropriate practical advice, tools to act on the stress felt and positively influence the relationship.
You will discover how to use your own resources to tame your stress and push you to dare, surpass yourself and create!
Relational stress – Taming stress to communicate better | Céline Blondel | at Gereso

Céline BLONDEL, expert in stress management

In addition to 30 years of theatrical practice, Céline BLONDEL has more than 25 years of experience in the humanities and pedagogy. Two complementary universes which allow him today to transmit his very personal approach to communication.
A consultant, she is mainly dedicated to leading workshops and providing individual support, with managers and their teams to improve their interpersonal relationships. In particular, she uses theatrical techniques as educational tools.
An experience gathered in a book, to fight against relational stress and feel good about yourself!


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