On Monday, June 24, Paris 2024 unveiled its vision for the Olympic and Paralympic Games: “Sport can change everything”. A film created by Buzzman, directed by Albert Albert and produced by Iconoclast. This film, broadcasted on social networks, highlights the sport and its unique ability to make us live strong emotions, to create meetings and transform lives.

Sport: a moment of “gathering”

Moments of pride, joy and sharing … Here is the key role of sport in our history and in everyday life.

After the first impressive victory of the Blues almost a month ago, we all crossed our fingers so that our women team go as far as possible in the Women World Cup 2019 (AND WE ARE IN QUARTER FINAL !!!).

In parallel, since September 2017, we follow the organization of another sportevent that we can not wait to attend (and live at the same time): OLIMPIC GAMES 2024 IN PARIS, the first sporting event in the world with an incomparable media impact .

Bringing together 10,500 Olympic athletes and 4,350 Paralympians from 206 and 184 delegations across five continents, the Paris 2024 will be watched by more than 13 million viewers and 4 billion televiewers worldwide through more than 100,00 broadcast hours. They constitute an unequaled event among all the world sporting, economic or cultural events.  The power of this event multiplies the advertising impacts.

A film where sport is the hero

On the occasion of the Olympic Games, Paris 2024 presented its first film which illustrates its belief that sport can change lives, individually and collectively.

A total of 11 high-level athletes rallied to participate in the film. Whether they are hopes of the 2024 generation or iconic champions, they have been chosen to inspire viewers and carry the values ​​of the Paris 2024.

Whether you’re a top athlete or a casual lover, it’s a collective call to push your limits. A strong message that we also find in the other videos, especially in the latest Nike commercial on the occasion of the 2019 Women’s World Cup!

Through this commercial, Paris 2024 hopes to highlight the unique power of sport, from the individual level to the societal level.

The film, directed by Albert Albert, presents a succession of ordinary people, interspersed with sporting legends (Tony Parker, Raphaël Varane, Melvin Richardson, Sarah Ourahmoune, Emmanuelle Morch, Florent Manaudou, Laure Manaudou, Osaïa Reding, Martin Fourcade, Kevin Mayer et Teddy Riner). They explain how sport has improved their lives for the better in different ways: education, fitness, health, dreams, their environment, their achievements … Anything is possible !

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