Small chewable monkeys, action and a paradise setting: Schweppes offers us the perfect cocktail for its new commercial. On the occasion of the release of his drink “Schweppes Citrus” without artificial coloring or aroma, this Monday, May 13, the famous brand has revealed its latest advertising. Produced in collaboration with the BETC Paris office and entitled “Braquage aux tropiques”, the video will also be accompanied by a poster campaign.

A real animated film

From the first seconds of the clip, the scene is fixed: cries of monkeys that we see appear between the branches, payotte in the middle of the beach, tropical atmosphere … Then the video is transformed into a mini action movie as soon as the waiter decapsulates the bottle of Schweppes! A small team of playful and daring monkeys then tries everything to get the loot … which is nothing but a glass of the famous drink! All the codes belonging to the action films are there, from catchy music to suspense, through the scenario that parodies lightly a burglary. This is not a first for director Thierry Poiraud who has the habit of offering the public animated films but still tinged with humor … The spot shows us well the need and desire for freshness in this jungle tropical … even for animals! And only Schweppes can fill this one.

The balance of the brand between maintaining its identity and renewing itself

In the global soda and soft drinks market – very competitive – the Orangina-Schweppes Group is the second largest player behind Coca-Cola. The brand must cultivate an identity that resembles it, built around refinement and eccentricity while maintaining its main target: young adults aged 25-35.

However, it must also renew and differentiate itself. Schweppes thus offers us an advertisement far removed from those we saw a few years ago. Indeed, we find there a more innocent video than commercials featuring beautiful women, playing on the ambiguity between carnal desire and desire … Schweppes simply! It is aimed at a younger audience, by focusing on the animation film and staging animals. Even if it’s not a first – remember the animal saga with the Clive leopard in 1999! – it’s not in the habits of the brand!

This is indeed renewed by offering an exotic video and full of freshness in the image of his drink, with the ultimate aim of surprising us. Indeed, often associated with bitter taste, the drink, not always appreciated by teenagers, now wants to convince them to expand its market, as it did a few years ago by introducing in its range of sweeter flavors. Nevertheless, it is keen to retain its premium brand identity that has been satisfying its consumers for more than 235 years now. We also keep the traditional final slogan of the brand “What do you expect?” this time referring to the attempt of small primates to soda.

The brand offers us a touching and offbeat video with the show of dexterity and acrobatics that we offer the small monkeys-main actors of the commercial. The brand manages to keep her identity refreshing drink and quality while giving a facelift to his image! The new codes of the famous soft drink? Humor and action. Change of scenery guaranteed!

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