The famous Pornhub porn site lounches a campaign for the protection of bees … Surprising, is not it? And yet the site X has indeed launched a project for the survival of the biodiversity- in order to fight against their disappearing which continues to grow … The campaign “Beesexual” – ported by the agency BETC- is therefore an informative video and a series of short humorous spots featuring the scheme and voices of a porn but starring … bees! And for every video you watch, it’s a gift for bee defense associations!

A typical X site campaign

Contrary to what one might think, this is not the first time that the adult video site is taking advantage of its immense income to engage with a cause. If you surf the site you can indeed find the space “PornhubCares” which includes all the projects set up by the subsidiary. In 2017, the platform had spent $ 25,000 to fund a scholarship, accessible by answering a simple question. That same year, $ 100 per video watched as part of this campaign was also donated to organizations fighting for the conservation of the giant panda. And every year, many sums are dedicated to various associations, ranging from animal welfare to the support of the visually impaired.

This year, it is in reaction to the worrying figures concerning the disappearance of the bees that this new concept was born. In fact, there are now 700 endangered bee species in North America, with pesticides and monocultures destroying their natural habitat. A trend that has only been growing for two years and is alarming to say the least since bees play a key role in the reproduction of nature. In addition, it is also a threat to agriculture and our food because 70% of the food we have is the result of pollination.

That’s why Pornhub’s Vice President emphasized the role that platform users have to play in making a difference. It seems indeed wise to take advantage of the 100 million daily visitors of the site. He says “It is our duty to ensure that bees continue to copulate and pollinate.” The link with the vocation of the site? All species have the right to “super sex”, not only men and women, but also bees or flowers!”

Humorous videos to support a real project

So this project “Beesexual”, what is it more precisely? First we can watch an informative video, animated by pornstars Abella Danger and Kira Noir, explaining the situation and motivations of Pornhub to support this cause. This is accompanied by some tips to protect small flying insects with the slogan: “Save the world, save the bees”.

But the very heart of the campaign consists of videos to say the least original that Pornhub has posted on his site! In these short spots – less than a minute – we can see bees foraging, but these scenes are transformed into comic “pornos” thanks to the voices of famous actors X who give the word to insects. These create a real story and humanize the scene. For 1 month, each video will be converted into a financial donation for the bee protection associations that Pornhub collaborates with: Operation Honey Bee and the Center for Honeybee Research. The ultimate goal of this is to conserve the species by letting them have a fulfilling sex life!

Videos make us smile so easily and count for the moment up to 200 000 views. Original, funny and in keeping with the identity of the subsidiary, these little films take advantage of the importance of the revenues of their platform to support a real cause: and in this sense it is a real success! A campaign that allows to see the site in a new light: indeed it remains a site that offers porn … but not only! This gives a committed face to the big X industry, taking advantage of its notoriety and its success to attract the attention of visitors to the site, while making them actors in the process. So, sex to save humanity, a good reason to watch porn?

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