Today, the love of the French for the series, and especially for Game of Thrones, is at its maximum. And on the occasion of the broadcast of the eighth season of the famous American series, Uber Eats has taken advantage of this excitement to launch a concept to say the least surprising … the “spoiler code“! The principle is simple: get a discount on your next order in exchange for a key revelation on the progress of the series!

Are you ready to get Game of Thrones spoiler for Uber Eats discounts?

After two years of waiting, April 15 was the release date for the 16 million fans of Game of Thrones, a famous medieval-fantasy series. Indeed, this is the release date of the first episode of the final season of the series. And Uber Eats took advantage of this opportunity to make an extraordinary publicity stunt with the launch of its code spoiler. Its creation stems from an unlikely partnership between OCS – Game of Thrones’ exclusive broadcast platform in France – and the home delivery service, Uber Eats. It is the Parisian agency DDB which sets up this advertising campaign, innovative and audacious.

The principle is very simple: every Monday, weekly date of release of the episodes, you can benefit from a promotional offer by going on the site of Uber Eats. You then get a discount coupon in exchange for a spoil on an event of the series. The fans face a real dilemma: win a free meal or keep the suspense of their favorite series? The goal of the brand is to test their resistance by taking them out of their comfort zone and see how far they are willing to go for discounts.

A profitable campaign for all

Uber Eats adapts to any type of fan by proposing 3 levels of spoil which different by the risk taking of the customer. The amount of the discount varies according to the importance of the spoil: If we choose a small spoil, revealing a highly anticipated event of the series, it is the delivery costs that are offered for his next order. If you are a little more daring and you opt for the average spoil, you will save 5 euros on it. And finally if you want to benefit from 10 euros offered on your next meal,you must choose the highest level of spoil, revealing a key event of the episode of the day!

Uber Eats is positionned as the culinary partner of the series, which is also a success for OCS. Its distribution director says: “Our partnership celebrates the combination of new consumption patterns and we are delighted by this original collaboration and its influence on our affinity targets.”

Some criticisms can be made about this campaign: for example, is the choice of spoils while the goal of a series is to keep the suspense, and that fans probably already have many sources of spoil with social networks … Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that the objective remains to sell – even at a lower price – and especially to advertise the two subsidiaries taking advantage of the success of the series!

A globally successful initiative, therefore, in coherence with a subject which fascinates the audience and which makes it possible to involve it. This one also plays with a strong insight: to be spoiled or not to be? It can not be denied, this campaign falls perfectly!

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