You are computer scientist, marketing agent, blogger or others … but not a professional photographer. Your writings whisper in the ears of your readers words that their hearts struggled to articulate. Your super power is to write about a subject that you are passionate about. Not laser beams, infrared vision or Herculean force. Just the writing, and it’s already enough.

Except that any article of quality must be illustrated by pretty visuals. Do you need the services of a photographer teammate to form the Batman & Robin duo of digital creation? Not necessarily. There are three basic but effective ways to get photos that match your writing.

Turn to image banks

On the Internet, there are areas in which come to nest the greatest photographers of the web. Against some hard cash, it is quite possible to get pictures of breathtaking beauty. Sites like Shuttershock and Fotolia have become references in this field thanks to their vast choice and their original creations. By providing revenue based public appreciation to these contributors, these image banks guarantee a frequent renewal of their stock and a quality always impeccable.

Turn to amateur and passionate photographers

It is not because photography is not practiced as a full-time job that it is not quality. For about 500 euros, it is possible to buy a reflex and take pictures capable of blushing Robert Capa. After all, did not Banksy draw the balloon girl with a simple stencil? This is proof that artistic talent prevails over other factors. At present, any enthusiast can create his e-commerce site and sell his photos to the world. By choosing to collaborate with an amateur photographer, not only you will have unique photos at your disposal, but in addition, it is possible to ask him to make some specific shots.

Turn to free image banks

The third option is to use the services of a free image bank. Do not be misled by the term “free”. In terms of content, they have nothing to envy to the paid image banks. With more than 1 million photos available and covering all types of domains, Pexels and Unsplash are among the most popular free image banks. They propose high resolution images downloadable without registration ! In addition, Pexels offers on the same model short videos to give life to your vacation or your cup of coffee.

To conclude this paragraph, it remains to address the point that annoys. How are such organizations funded ? Thanks to the affiliation with partner structures and generous donations.

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