On the occasion of World Bee Day on May 20th, Tediber launches its partnership with the association Un Toit Pour Les Abeilles to sponsor hives throughout France in its “Tediber makes the Bzzz” campaign.

Tediber, the leading brand of essential sleep products, is now working with the association “Un toit pour les abeilles” to help sponsor hives. Indeed, from this month of May and every 20th of the month, for the purchase of each new Tediber product, the brand will automatically pay back part of the amount cashed to finance a new hive.

Each hive sponsored gives rise to:

  • The creation of a new colony of bees, about 40,000 bees per hive
  • The installation of a hive in the colors of Tediber at one of the beekeepers’ beekeepers.

A bear that preserves bees

It is a meaningful initiative for the bear logo to preserve the balance of our ecosystem. With the goal of sponsoring 10 hives by the end of 2019, Tediber and One Roof for the Bees could save more than 400,000 bees.

“At Tediber, we think the incrediblity is in the details. That’s why, beyond our daily actions to be a more responsible brand, we decided to support the cause of bees, this essential insect, essential to the sustainability of our ecosystem, but so small that we can believe that it is only a small insignificant detail, “, Julien Sylvain, CEO and co-founder of Tediber.

The will to go further and further

This new initiative follows a first partnership last month with Eco-mobilier, the eco-organization in charge of the collection, sorting and recycling of used furniture, mattresses and bedsteads, quilts and pillows. Tediber therefore offers the recovery of your old bedding to hand it to Eco-Furniture who takes care of giving him a second life.

From production to delivery, Tediber tries on his own scale to commit to preserving the environment and the eco-system.

For more information:

On the hive sponsorship with A roof for bees: https://www.tediber.com/sauvegarde-abeilles
For the RSE policy: : https://www.tediber.com/responsabilite-environnement-social
For recovery of the old bedding: https://www.tediber.com/reprise-ancienne-literie

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