Purina, the nutrition expert for dogs and cats, wants your dogs to urinate on her new billboards! Unusual, these panels analyze their urine live for a first health check and, of course, recommend a Purina ProPlan adapted product. You had to think about it!

Purina’s new poster campaign launched in April is based on a habit: dogs that can not resist the urge to relieve themselves on a pole. In collaboration with the McCann Paris agency, Purina sets up the Street-Vet operation in the streets of Paris: billboards that incorporate a technology designed to analyze the urine of dogs. This innovation is the result of more than two years of research conducted by the Yncrea engineering school and the VetParis7 veterinary clinic.

To understand how this smart panel works, just watch this video that explains the device very well:

An awareness campaign that puts the veto on the bill

A report: more than a million dogs have not performed their annual exam at the veterinarian in 2018 in France. Faced with the lack of veterinary control visit, Street-Vet is a smart idea to educate owners to be more attentive to the needs of their doggies. “Are you really sure about your dog’s health? ” is the catchphrase that challenges the owners. As veterinarian Chloé Lacroix says, “Do not forget that our four-legged friends do not have a way to express themselves, to indicate their malaise and it is unfortunately too common for the diagnosis and care is taken too late. ”

Purina ProPlan Street-Vet

Interactive support, this panel instantly detects possible diseases. Street-Vet, literally “street veterinarian”, can detect up to four different health problems: diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infection and cholesterol. When the result is displayed, it is first recommended to consult a veterinarian. The owner can download the diagnosis for free on his smartphone via a QR code to show it during the consultation. In addition, Street-Vet advises a Purina ProPlan diet to accompany the veterinarian’s treatment.

Purina ProPlan Street-Vet

With this awareness campaign, Purina reaffirms its position as a major player in the health of our pets. The brand is committed to their well-being. “This is part of Purina’s overall desire to be able to offer simple and effective solutions to improve the well-being of our animals”, says Purina ProPlan’s manager.

An innovation that revolutionizes the use of street furniture

The display, all major brands make it. With this unprecedented poster campaign, Purina hits hard and really stands out from its competitors. The brand has taken up the challenge of revolutionizing traditional advertising boards. A creative and innovative idea that renews the way of communicating. For some years now, the classic display is reinviting. While interactive display is not new, Purina’s Street-Vet goes even further in interactivity with panel-integrated technology.

This device shows that street furniture can become smart and be used for useful purposes. The Street-Vet project is an overview of the possibilities. Will interactive panels soon replace conventional billboards? In any case, we are almost sure that Street-Vet will inspire other brands.

And even if the diagnosis given by a billboard does not replace a visit to the veterinarian, it is still a good idea to educate the owners! An initiative also welcomed by veterinarians: “This solution can really open the eyes to dog owners who do not think about taking them regularly to the veterinarian”.

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